How to Integrate Curriculum into Daily 5

Many teachers I have talked to LOVE The Daily Five program for many reasons; however one common complaint is that it leaves teachers feeling short on time for their mandated curriculum.

Teacher Kelly Chamberlian at Rainbow Creek found a way around this. She combined her unit on First Nations’ of Alberta (Social Studies) within the “framework” of Daily 5. She was able to achieve this by:

  • Read to Self/Someone: Having the children read aboriginal legends and other relavent resources
  • Work on Writing: Read Paul Goble story and respond using specified activities: Predict and Check, Research, Read and visually represent using a comic strip, write a journal reflection and story pyramids
  • Word Work: Word collector activity using legends
  • Listening to Reading: Children would listen to stories from the Glenbow Museum’s website

Kelly explains what she did in the video below:

Kelly Chamberlain is a grade 4 teacher at Rainbow Creek Elementary in Chestermere, AB, Canada. She was interviewed by Cameron May for

Cameron May is a substitute teacher with Rocky View School Division.
Follow and share ideas with him @elbow_patch.

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