Do You Have What it Takes to Teach?

Things to note from this infographic (via Knewton)

1) 40% of what we do is teaching and 40% is prep-work (marking and planning etc.). Which, I think is a clear indicator that there should be less (in-class) time for students to allow for more prep time for teachers.


2) We need to look at ways to reduce the time prepping and marking etc. Technology can help us with this (and already has) through the use of computer based teaching tools and online sharing of teacher resources and lesson plans; however, if education has any hope in the 21st century we have to radically re-think schools and schooling.

3) Also of interest is Brazil where the time teaching & working is the same. Knowing nothing about Brazil’s education system, this would only make sense if lessons are pre-written by the department of education (i.e. more or less scripted) and that all marking/assessment is done during class time.

4) North America’s (USA, but Canada’s is likely very similar) teaching time is significantly higher than the other countries depicted. I would also be interested to see burn-out/teacher turnover rate in these countries (as I know in Alberta, Canada, where I teach, teacher attrition is fairly high)   Teacher Time Management Infographic Created by Knewton


Cameron May is a substitute teacher with Rocky View School Division.
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