• Great video about bullying | Shane Koyczan | To This Day Project

    With pink shirt day coming up, our thoughts and attentions turn to the subject of bullying. One of Canada’s premier slam poets, Shane Koyczan tackles the subject head on in his heart wrenching video: “To This Day” Shane talks about bullying in this interview with the Vancouver Sun. To learn more about To This Day Project or Shane Koyczan please follow the links. Cameron May is a substitute teacher with Rocky View School Division. Follow and share ideas with him @elbow_patch.

  • Proud in Pink: Student Solidarity

    February 28, a day like any other day; however, as I walked into the school today, I was overwhelmed by a sea of pink. Boys and girls alike were proudly decked out in pink T-shirts, standing in solidarity against bullying! You’ve done it; we’ve all done it. And as it’s happening you feel terrible and after it stops, you feel even worse. You feel like you could have and should have done something. You have been a bystander. The thing about bystanders is that you feel like you are alone, you feel powerless, but chances are there are lots of…

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